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An improvised multilingual play about « Here and Now », création le  20 novembre 2009

Final year student’s from National School of Drama from New-Delhi production

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This project is an interrogation into the place that everyone has and shares in the world. This world could be the world at large or a country like India with its many different languages, traditions and ways of being. This project also seeks to display the opposition between collectivity and intimacy. It explores the multiple personal histories of all students on stage, perennially placed within the context of a larger collective history.

We principally devised the show through a series of exercises and improvisations. The students brought unscripted stories to the floor (some true, some not!) that were tiny, yet big and extremely funny yet tragic in their own ways. Their banality belonged to the everyday, yet their telling made them very special. They dealt with insightful details about life and the drama that surrounds us in our life today. The process of rehearsals sought to build a microcosmic world of this collection of students, and by consequence leads us to feel the pulse of the country they live in.
Following these simple ideas, we took ourselves back to the begenning of theater-storytelling.

The preparatory work has primarily been based on solo improvisations and its juxtaposition with a collective symphony. We also took the help of interviews and testimonies found in daily newspapers and magazines published during the time of our rehearsals. The attempt was to find a way to be on stage « here and now ».
Scenes from the European repertoire (a familiar world for me amongst mostly unfamiliar all else!) were inserted to discover a similar and simple way of playing and performing great plays of the past. It proved to be just another way for the actor to expose more (although in a different way) about him/herself.
Through all this, a sincere and intense connection with the audience has been emphasized while providing enough space for the audience’s associations to freely occur through the show.

The show presented largely consists of live and spontaneous improvisations.

with: Ajit, Anjali, Ashish, Durvesh, Firoz, Ipshita, Jagannath, Kajal, Kiran, Mahesh, Manas, Manav, Papari, Prashant, Rajesh, Riken, Ritu, Sanjay, Shahjahan, Shiva and Swati.
Director: Denis Maillefer
Assistant: Amitesh Grover

Bahumukh Studio Theatre : du 20 au 25 novembre 2009
Libération: L’Inde est un projet inachevé
Tehelka: Tarunj Tejpal